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saiyuki_dub's Journal

"Track this, asshole."-Saiyuki dub fans-
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Welcome to "Track this, ---Asshole" a community for fans of ADVs English Language version of Gensomaden Saiyuki. You don't have to prefer it, but you have to at least like it. So if you do, please feel free to hit that "Join" button. It doesn't matter if you prefer the subtitled track, only if you also find some joy in the dub.

A note to those who may join just to cause trouble--- If you didn't like/weren't satisfyed with/HATE ADV's dub, then plain and simple? DON'T JOIN. Not that anyone would do that, right? ^_^

Now then! A few pointers:

You can pretty much do everything here that other communities allow. Just put up warnings where needed, ficition and art under cuts.

-This community was created to keep displeasement from mainstream saiyuki communites, but by all means post everywhere you are a member at. ^o^ Enjoy your stay here-